Consulting Services

Old School Ethic, Creative Solutions

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Professional, engaging and effective content developed to communicate your story to your audience. 

Creative illustration, graphic design, original art and web design services to get your message to the masses.

Analysis, process improvement, implementation,

consultation and support services

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Strategic methods to drive conversions with proven inbound marketing strategies.

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Experienced consultation, knowledgeable and effective technology solutions

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Compelling and clever, skillfully created and deployed visual media



XiMation ("Zī"Mation) is an Alabama based full service  management consulting and services firm specializing in marketing, creative services, strategy, operations and general problem-solving.

Basically we fix things.


We believe

That every living, breathing human being innately possesses immeasurable and immutable value that is independent of any behavior, or creed, or race, or religion, or gender, or color, or age, or orientation, or status. Simply, if they exist, this value exists.


There is no greater purpose or higher calling in life than to be of benefit, to serve and to improve the life of another human being. Kindness is always right.


That in business, treating employees, customers and vendors with all openness, honesty, integrity and respect is imperative and non-negotiable.